Why become a Recruiter?
This is a question that I have heard many different answers to over the course of my career. I have read many articles and blogs on the subject and they all create compelling reasons to become a recruiter. I have read and heard many reasons that echo the altruist reasons of helping people find the best career or start with their dream company. I have also read about all the business and sales skills the profession can teach you as a great reason for becoming a recruiter.
At Prestige, recruiting is what we do every day and probably many of our recruiters would give you some version of the reasons I listed above. I believe we can better answer that question by looking closer at what makes up the day of a recruiter. While many of us are familiar with the processes such as reviewing job orders, sourcing for skills, interviewing candidates, and closing the deal, what keeps someone coming back to repeat these processes day in and day out.
I am not someone who enjoys doing the same tasks over and over in a job yet that is exactly what makes a recruiter successful. They must be able to quickly assimilate information from job orders and then source and close candidates for these roles. The key lies in the fact that each role and assignment is unique and provides different challenges. While the processes repeat themselves the devil and the fun is in the details. I can have the same job for two different clients and it will require 2 totally different approaches to close candidates. I will need to be able to understand the benefits and features of each role and the obstacles to each role. Once I understand this, I get to be creative and do some problem solving. These are the keys that keep me coming back. Each assignment gives me that ability to showcase my business acumen by using my creativity and problem solving skills to match candidates to the client roles.
Each recruiter who comes to understand that they can bring all their experience and skills to the table to fill each role they work on is someone who will enjoy the process. They will be challenged each day to find a new creative solution and they will get to meet all types of people who will contribute to how they solve this riddle.
We are currently searching for recruiting and talent acquisition specialists. This position will provide the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and enable you to have an impact on a growing and dynamic organization. We need talented and energetic specialists who have the desire to find top talent and creative business solutions for our clients. If you have at least two years of experience in a business environment and are searching for a change that will allow you to have more impact and more involvement in your chosen career this may be the opportunity for you.
This position will require good business acumen, the ability to provide accurate results and see projects through to completion. You will be involved in sourcing and procuring top talent for our clients. This will require you to develop a thorough understanding of business processes, partner with decision makers, and develop recruiting plans and projects to meet business needs. You will need to demonstrate the ability to learn quickly, communicate clearly in a business environment, and be fearless in pursuing your goals.
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