My testimonial:

My experience with the Prestige Technical staff has been exceptional. I’ve never worked for a staffing agency and have heard a few horror stories over the years, but Prestige proved them all wrong! I will and do suggest them to my friends and family. It’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had on the job! Thank you to Mike O’Malley who made me feel like I was his only client. Thank you for finding me a great job!



Thanks from another delighted candidate

Mike and Nic, 

I wanted to thank you and your team at Prestige for the hard work you guys did on my behalf. After my first week on the job, I feel that you set me up for success. I absolutely love the job, and I’m beyond grateful for the work you guys did, first for setting up the initial interview, and secondly for preparing me for that interview. I would definitely send anyone looking for an opportunity to Prestige in the future. 


Thank you,

S. D. 



Thanks from a Maintenance Technician

I want to thank the team at Prestige for helping me get my foot in the door at the top hospital in Dayton, OH. They helped me to be 100% prepared for the interviews and guided me through each step of the hiring process. This new job has been everything I was looking for professionally.

Great Support!

We having been working with Prestige Technical Services since 1991. We have asked Prestige to recruit engineers, scientists and all levels of technicians. Time after time, Prestige Technical has come through for us.

M. E. M., from large paper products company

Prestige Technical Services has recently filled multiple software developer positions for our company. These are very difficult skill sets to find. Wonderful job of sourcing and recruiting on these crucial positions!

L. B., from a software company

Prestige has given me the position to work within a company that has many opportunities to advance my skills in the work force. The management at Prestige is very caring and involved with their employees and the companies they interact with. They go above and beyond their role in placing people in the workforce, to ensure the satisfaction of their employees and their clients.

D. G., Prestige Technical Job Seeker

I have worked for Prestige Technical Services since 1998 and can say it has been a great company to work for. They go out of their way to insure you are happy with your job. They are very committed to you as an employee and not just as a number on the time clock, but as a team member. It makes you feel like they work for you.

K. W., Prestige Technical Job Seeker

I recently transitioned from contractor to a direct employee of the company Prestige Technical landed me at. I appreciate the patience and true knowledge of your client that you were able to share with me as I worked through the multiple machinist offers I received.

T. R., Prestige Technical Job Seeker

The technical recruiter I worked with at Prestige Technical is the top recruiter in Cincinnati. She was very thorough with seeking to understand my work experiences and education. With this she able to find me an excellent opportunity. I will recommend her to all my past co-workers.

R. S., Prestige Technical Job Seeker

Prestige Technical is a personable and professional company to have represent you. They are good and fair to their employees and work fast on getting them jobs.

M.D., Prestige Technical Job Seeker