Happy New Year!!!  To our employees and clients

This year has been a challenge for every one of us. Never can I recall being so excited for a New Year to come our way.  2020 cannot be in the rearview mirror fast enough.

As we adapted to the limitations forced by the pandemic, we noticed your efforts to step up and meet the changes presented head on, to deal with Zoom meetings and to keep your families safe. Pain was difficult to avoid, as jobs were temporarily furloughed and loved ones became ill; it hurt to watch children be taken away from their friends because of online classes.

We recognize the mental health struggle many are facing. Despite all the challenges, we are so proud to say that through your hard work and dedication 95% of our employees have been able to return to work

In terms of COVID-19, obstacles remain, but please know Prestige Technical Services will be here when it’s time to shine again  Look for us to be proactive and to prioritize health and safety for all.

On behalf of myself and Prestige Technical Services, I wish for everyone to have a safe, healthy, and prosperous year.


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