Job Description

The Material Handler and Sampler procures, stores, and dispenses materials for pilot-scale trials and test production for consumer-grade products.


    1. Receiving: Review the Safety Data Sheet for proper handling and storage of materials.  Utilize pallet jacks, lift equipment, and forklifts to move materials to and from staged locations.  Utilize barcode scanners to complete location moves.

      The Material Handler and Sampler procures, stores, and dispenses materials for pilot-scale trials and test production for consumer-grade products.

      Visually inspect that materials and paperwork of deliveries are accurate and complete.  Assess that the associated Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet matches company requirements.  As appropriate, initialize set-up of new materials, new EP number, and test labs in Inventory System, using System Admins.  Check that the amount of material received a match with ordering information, complete receipt of materials, and apply the appropriate certification definition.  Scan and upload Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet.  Post goods receipts in company systems, quarantine any materials with discrepancies/defects and missing information in company systems and communicate discrepancies to Buyer.


    1. Sampling: Per the specifications’ sampling plan, and following Safety Data Sheet, print sampling labels for new receipt lots.  Following Good Manufacturing & Lab Practices draw and weigh out required testing amounts and retain sampling amounts in appropriate sampling containers and sizes.  Conduct appearance testing according to defined methods. Follow the defined process for creating sample inventory in company systems. Deliver samples to the appropriate labs for testing.  Maintain and provide status updates & changes on materials completed through sampling.  Quarantine any materials with discrepancies and communicate discrepancies/defects to the Buyer.


    1. Dispensing (if necessary): Per inventory system, verify material, and amount requested.  Per Safety Data Sheet, handle materials and equipment safely.  Stage material for dispensing, ensure appropriate dispensing container and size.  Following Good Manufacturing & Lab Practices and defined work processes, draw and weigh out requested material amounts. Label and stage materials paperwork to assure staged materials are accurate and all materials have the associated Safety Data Sheet.  Return bulk material to the appropriate storage location. Maintain and provide status updates and issues on materials storage and dispensing to leadership.

Job Requirements

The desired candidates should meet most of the following requirements:

Stand up forklift experience

Excellent computer skills within a corporate CISPro preferred

Skilled with Windows  and MS Office usage

Outstanding previous work attendance records

Ability to calculate formula to weigh and measure materials

All hired candidates will be required to successfully clear a drug screen and criminal background check


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